AN OCEAN OF LOVE is the 2024 bridal gown collection by Buch Couture. A bridal collection that reflects the modern bride who desires a wedding dress beyond the ordinary.

The wedding dresses feature elements inspired by the deep blue. You will discover lace reminiscent of coral, soft materials that seem to flow and ripple, glossy surfaces, and various textures in the fabrics resembling those found beneath the ocean's surface. And, not least, freshwater pearls that constitute the finest details, whether used as straps or as decorations running down the zipper. 

The wedding dresses in the collection are each unique. Some are entirely simple and elegant, while others are more intricate. 

The sample wedding dresses, available at our Aarhus atelier, are approximately European sizes 38 and 46. 

When you purchase a wedding dress from Buch Couture, it will be tailored to fit you and your body perfectly. This means that once the wedding dress is finished, it will be ready for your wedding day.

The wedding dresses are crafted from exclusive and natural materials like silk and viscose. Additionally, we have chosen the most beautiful lace that can truly add personality to the wedding dresses.


Personal modifications are possible in the collection wedding dresses depending on your personal preferences.

Please click on the images of the wedding dresses to see more pictures and prices.

The wedding dresses in the collection are designed with strong women in mind.

Our goal with this collection is for you to truly feel like the best version of yourself when you put on your wedding dress on your wedding day.

A couple of the wedding dresses are inspired by real Buch Couture brides and the couture wedding dresses we designed in collaboration with them. We have made some adjustments to some of the dresses for the collection, but they are, of course, named after the beautiful brides who served as inspiration.

The remaining wedding dresses have been crafted using a traditional design process, involving sketching and draping. Our interaction with the lace allowed us to intuitively explore how it could be manipulated to accentuate the desired features.

When we design, we have a strong focus on today's brides, and as such, we have crafted the wedding dresses with inspiration from the bridal gown trends we foresee for 2024.

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